n life, there are oftentimes overwhelming demands that can alter our ability to perform or leave us feeling stuck in difficult circumstances. With a motivational mindset and a passionate desire to improve our situation, we all have the ability to harness our highest potential and bask in all that life has to offer. Nancy Solari is familiar with these same feelings, having been legally blind most of her life, and needing to continually make adjustments so that she can function and succeed. With her insights from going blind, Nancy is able to assist audiences in rejuvenating their vision for their own life. She helps them see their own situation in a brand new light, encouraging them to make changes that matter.

Nancy motivates people in all different aspects. She inspires large corporations to redefine their purpose and increase productivity, leading to better, profitable results. She also knows just what to say to get the audience determined to fulfill their dreams, no matter the comments of others. Nancy connects naturally with those who also manage a disability, and will show them that they have amazing potential to pursue their passions, despite their limitations. Being an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman herself, she teaches her audience to make the right moves that increase the success of a business. Nancy is funny, personable and inspiring, so bring her in to enliven the room with renewed energy and commitment.

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